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Artist Donnie Williams lives in Conyers, Georgia. He has been painting since 1976.

His chosen mediums are water colors, acrylics, and oils. Donnie also extends his creating into stained glass and stone carving.


Landscapes, waterscapes, lighthouses, and farm scenes dominate the canvases that he paints. Donnie’s command of capturing the essence of the scenes in his paintings is magnificent. He carefully selects warm earthy tones that bring his work alive.

Donnie’s work is currently exhibited in Southern Heartland Gallery in Historic Downton Covington, Georgia. Donnie’s work is also displayed in the office of Dr. Michael J. Manning, Conyers, Georgia. He also exhibited his work in Van Gogh’s Gallery during its stay in the area.

He currently hosts Southern Heartland Gallery’s weekly Community Paint Party,where all artists are welcomed to come and share their joy of creating art.



 works on exhibit

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