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Phyllis grew up in rural Georgia with a love for animals from a very young age. Early on, going to visit her grandparents farm in Alabama was always a highlight for her where she could ride Roadie, the mule.


Seeing that the relentless begging was never going to stop, her parents bought her first horse when she was eleven. She showed Appaloosas through her teen years and knew this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

After graduating high school, she followed her passion and went to Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship in West Virginia. She worked in the equine industry until she married a fellow horseman and together, they started their business where she trained and showed horses along with coaching youth and amateur clients. Burchett Equine Center switched gears later on where she became the manager of their Equine Breeding Program. She was in charge of all aspects of the Artificial Insemination Program from collection to breeding.


Many years later Phyllis picked up a camera on a trip to Canada and became addicted. Bitten by the

photography bug, and a severe case of wanderlust. She found herself captivated by the birds, bears, and stunning landscape of United States and Canada. She dedicated many years to traveling the country to learn more about this new interest.


She also started photographing the Equine Form as Art. Traveling to

France, Belgium, Ireland and Iceland to do so. Fast forward to present day and Phyllis now dedicates a majority of her time to photographing horses

and the people that love them. She has a huge admiration for the Cowboy way of life and spends a lot of her time out west on ranches.


Her passion is sharing her love for photography and art with other photographers. You can frequently find her leading Equine Photo Tours to Iceland, and hosting workshops and retreats throughout the country from the beaches of Florida to the ranches of Montana.


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