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The journey, into the world of creating art began for me, in the early 1980’s. Initially the subject matter

reflected images reminiscent of my childhood, i.e., landscapes of the hills of Tennessee. My chosen medium was oil paints and occasionally pastels. Over the years, I began to paint women engaged in daily activities and dance.


I, also, began to use acrylic paints, enjoying the ease of covering a surface quickly with vibrant opaque colors. During this time, I re-discovered my love of cloth and my desire to create flowing fabrics, on the bodies of my images, was born.


“Feel the flow”, are words that emanate through my mind as I paint. These words help me to visualize

how fabric looks and feels as the wind catches it. This since of movement brings my images to life.


There is, also, a place that I travel, emotionally, while a painting is becoming. It is playfully called, “My What If World.” It is fill with incredible energy, beauty and peace. All of these qualities are instilled in each work of art created by my hands.


The desire to create art is implanted deeply within me. Art should speak to the viewers inner most self and cause an emotional reaction, joy, sorrow or simply a glimpse of precious memories.


These elements serve as a connecting point between the work of art, the artist and the observer.


 works on exhibit

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